Microstation, VBA и TerraScan. Хитрый CONNECT

VBA, TerraScan, Microstation CONNECT
VBA, TerraScan, Microstation CONNECT

Kulikov Maxim

Увлекаюсь информационными и геоинформационными технологиями. Люблю полезные и не очень полезные гаджеты. Обожаю сноубординг. Ведущий инженер ЗАО "ОПТЭН Лимитед". PHP-разработчик.

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  1. HHNN:

    Hi, Please give me your help. I’m trying to reconstruct my V8i VBA for CONNECT EDITION.

    I understood that I have to write «Declare» when I use the TerraScan public functions, thanks of you. So I wrote the below code in my MVBA for FnScanDeleteClass.

    Public Declare PtrSafe Function FnScanDeleteClass Lib «tscan.dll» (Class As Integer, Fence As Integer) As Long

    And I wrote «rt = FnScanDeleteClass(1, 0)» to use it. But pointcloud was not deleted. Can you correct my code?

    And please tell me if you know the way to get a «Declare» code to use TerraScan public functions in VBA.

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